Maintenance and restorative projects for piston aircraft by veterans at Ellington Field (EFD)

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Piston aircraft maintenance and restorative services, that's our business. Let us show you the difference that a professional, well trained and managed group of Airframe & Plant ('A&P') mechanices and IA can make!
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There’s a different – sign offs versus a true inspection! We provide annual and 100 hour inspections ensuring the aircraft is flight worthy and safe.

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Engine Overhauls

A TBO’ed piston engine(s) shouldn’t be insurmountable, let us help! From financing options to detailed quotes wherein you know how much the engine is and where it is coming from – our cost effective installation almost always beats competitive quotes by 10% or more.

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Airframe restoration

Gulf Coast air causes corrosion, so don’t let your piston aircraft literally corrode away. Our A&P mechanics provide restorative airframe services, not only as part of our inspections.

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Our commercial pilot(s) can pickup your aircraft and bring it to us. Since our corpse of A&P includes commercial pilots, that includes making it airworthy prior to ferrying it. And what would be better than a wash and wax service prior to your aircraft’s delivery!